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The MENHIR (Modular ENHanced Intelligent Recorder) is a compact monitoring platform that can be used as either as a stand-alone monitoring device or as part of a networked monitoring solution.


The cloud-based SEDRIX application is ideal for unconstrained and highly secured remote access to all connected MENHIR devices and MENHIR networks. Analysis and visualization of acquired data in compliance with applicable standards allow for fast conclusion of the vibration impact. Report templates provide automatic generation of tailored reports to dedicated stakeholders.


METRIS is a PC-based software tool to analyze exported data for Windows- and MacOS based computers providing a large suite of functions.


The MENHIR has an extensive range of embedded or externally attachable sensors that can be used to adapt the system to individual monitoring conditions and infrastructures. These currently include:
  • Geophones (Velocity)
  • MEMS (Acceleration)
  • FBA (Acceleration)


MENHIR can be extended with further attachments, such as AC/DC converter, solar panels, anti-theft locks and optical/acoustical alarm beacons.
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