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Measurement of shocks and vibrations

Vibration monitoring in civil engineering, road and rail transport, structural dynamics and human vibrations

Civil engineering works often induce vibrations in surrounding buildings and structures and that can have an effect on their structural integrity, their general serviceability as well as the comfort and wellbeing of any people working or living in them. Remote monitoring provides essential information and data about the vibration emissions and is a key part in ensuring compliance with any applicable regulations and hence reduces potential risks.

The MENHIR system is the ideal solution to reliably manage civil engineering projects in different applications including construction, blasting, traffic and railways amongst others. The MENHIR solution is also ideal where multiple projects in multiple locations have to manage simultaneously using our advanced SDC cloud based software.
Erschütterungsmessung im Bauwesen DIN 4150
Vibrations induced by all kinds of civil engineering operations have an impact on structures as well as human comfort. Vibration monitoring in compliance with applicable standards and regulations are vital to assess vibration impacts.
Überwachung der Strukturdynamik
The dynamic conditions a structure is exposed to needs to be monitored in order to assess its integrity and fatigue which impact its structural vulnerability, safety and life expectancy.
Bewertung der Gebrauchstauglichkeit
Environmental vibrations, both natural and induced, may have adverse consequences on sensitive devices and hence the quality and reliability of their operation.
Erschütterungsmessung im Schienen- und Straßenverkehr
Traffic and railway induce vibrations and noise. The ground propagation of vibration and the structure-borne noise in buildings create annoying and uncomforting situations.
Überwachung geothermischer Prozesse
Early and reliable alerting of critical ground motion is the primary key for mitigating or preventing potential earthquake damages.
Messung und Auswertung von Humanschwingungen
Human exposure to whole-body vibrations (machinery, industrial activities, etc.) may interfere with comfort and health. Monitoring and evaluation of these vibrations is used to identify the sources and impacts on human beings.
MENHIR covers a wide range of applications in vibration monitoring and provides all information and analysis in compliance with relevant and governing standards.
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